The children in these age groups are between the age of two years nine months to five years, and once again are divided into three classrooms, each grouped developmentally but not necessarily by age. This is a very important time in a child’s life, where he/she learns through play and through role models.

The classrooms are totally child-oriented, designed with educational materials, learning centers and equipment to match the size and abilities of each group.

The preschoolers follow a creative, planned daily schedule. Teachers prepare a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for their classroom. The teachers create the classroom environment and experiences for the children. During our morning structured time children are given the opportunity to choose from a selection of areas that are open and in which they want to work. Children learn through a combination of direct interactive experience, listening and observing adults and also an extraordinary amount through play and exploration. Afternoon offers more unstructured  free choice time.

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