Our infant room  provides a safe, caring, loving environment, with materials and equipment to meet the babies physical needs. Infants need to be stimulated and have social interaction, which is provided by teachers through daily care giving, curriculum and  as children interact and play together.  Teachers prepare a weekly curriculum using EEC provided Infant Toddler standards,  and child development knowledge that meets each child’s individual needs.

In our infant room we provide care for up to seven infants daily. Parents supply all items that their child may need during the day. Infants follow their own individual schedule. The parents and teachers complete a schedule comprising of each baby’s individual likes, needs and daily requirements.  Each morning a parent starts our daily sheet to inform teachers of their child night, morning and in turn teachers provide parents daily with information of how their child’s day was, how much they ate, slept and any diaper changes, as well as other relevant information.

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