“Our son has been attending Busy Bees for over a year now starting in the infant class and we’re quite satisfied with his progress as he grows up.  The staff are very courteous and professional with a curriculum that challenges his intellectual development.  It was sad when I dropped him off but quite excited when I picked him up and saw his group interactions with his classmates and teachers.” 



“Busy Bees Learning Center was my kids’ home away from home.  I knew that everyday my children were surrounded by kind and loving staff.  My children were well equipped to handle the transition to school with no problems.  The program at Busy Bees is second to none.”

– DP


“As new parents, we were not comfortable about the thoughts of our child spending the day at a day care. It was tough handing our newborn baby to relative strangers. We were pleasantly surprised at the level of care and attention our child received. We watched our baby grow into a young child while at Busy Bees. She always came home excited about what she had learned, and eager for what activities she would do the following day. We were relieved as the teachers compassionately brought our child through potty training, and amazed as she learned about reading as she grew. By the time she graduated from Busy Bees, she could fully read children’s books and was far ahead of most other children in her new kindergarten.When we found out we were having another girl, we were comforted knowing that our new baby would receive the same care.This time, there was no hesitation. We were excited for her to learn as her older sister did. Busy Bees is much more than a daycare. It’s a Learning Center.”


“After searching the area for a full time kindergarten program, I felt Busy Bees Learning Center was the clear top choice for my daughter. In visiting the center I could not only see that the classrooms were safe, clean and kept as sanitized as possible, but that the owner, Ms. Nandini, was very committed to the education and development of the children. Her answers to my questions told me that her philosophies were in line with what I felt was important and that my daughter would have the right amount of nurturing as well as encouragement to be independent and creative. Once my daughter was attending, it was clear that Ms. Nandini’s commitment to her school was carried down through her staff and teachers. In addition, Ms. Nandini made sure to keep up with the changes in education at the elementary level to ensure the children were properly prepared for the next step. For the children, the school day was structured around education in every area of development with the right amount of routine and free play. For the parents, the weekly schedule and curriculum was posted for them to view and optional workshops were often offered on pertinent child raising topics. My daughter was very happy at Busy Bees and the education that was provided to her fully prepared her for the transition to elementary school. Years later when I had an infant in my care, he also attended Busy Bees and I was pleased to see the same core staff employed at the center. This year my daughter will be graduating from eighth grade and in September, she will be attending a performing arts high school majoring in theatre. Busy Bees gave her a strong foundation. She has grown into a confident, intelligent and caring teenager who has consistently been an A student throughout middle school. She speaks positively of her year at Busy Bees and enjoyed all the opportunities she had to see the teachers again.”

-The Millard Family


As a first time mom I was very particular about choosing a quality day care for my infant. The small, familiar setting of a home-based day care was appealing, but so was the variety of activities and experiences available at a larger day care center. I truly feel Busy Bees Learning Center strikes the right balance. There are multiple playgrounds with unique equipment that leave ample room for playing, exploring, and discovery. There are monthly and weekly themes to the thoughtful activities and learning experiences. Most importantly, the teachers are involved and aware. I can ask about a detail regarding that day’s nap, lunch, activity, or behavior of my child and get a prompt – if not immediate – answer.  Ms. Patel and her staff give fully of their talents making this an exciting, engaging, and enchanting time for my child and all children at Busy Bees Learning Center. From making pudding, picking pumpkins, running through the sprinklers, visits from the firemen – these are just a few of the fantastic memory makers incorporated into the day-to-day activities.Today, I am making arrangements to bring in a treat to help celebrate her 4th birthday with her friends in her class at Busy Bees.Many of these classmates have been growing, playing, and learning together with her since she started at Busy Bees nearly 4 years ago.