About Us


Busy Bee’s Learning Center takes pride in providing young children with the best education in a safe, clean caring environment that stimulates them to grow, learn, and meet parental needs for child care. Our center is totally child oriented, with spacious bright and colorful classrooms, with educational materials, learning centers and equipment to match the size and abilities of each age group.

Children have unique personalities, learning styles, and interests. Our goal is to facilitate and strengthen this natural developmental process during their time at Busy Bee’s, being sensitive to individual differences; so that each child will have a solid foundation for effectively learning as they move into elementary school and beyond. We want parents to be actively involved in their child’s development at the center, and to maintain on-going communication with classroom teachers.  We value parental opinion and believe that Busy Bee’s staff can provide the best education and care for children by working together with families.

At Busy Bee’s we truly believe that by providing quality education and care is key to building a successful future.”



The program is staffed by supportive educators with knowledge of early childhood development and years of educational experience. Our main interest comprises of being aware of the welfare, care and education of children. Our staff is well trained, loving, and dependable. All staff either have degrees or are pursuing their Bachelors degree in early childhood education.   All educators are trained in First Aid and CPR, receive in-service training on a regular basis and attend workshops to keep updated on new initiatives, research and education.

We screen children, and use the results and our developmental goals as a systematic framework to plan and meet the developmental needs of the children, via our curriculum and assessments. Teachers amend curriculum  each year according to the needs and dynamics of the classroom and align them with the guidelines set by the Department of Education and Care (EEC) – www.eec.state.ma.us and National Association for the Educations of Young Children (NAEYC) – www.naeyc.org.
Educators use various educational approaches, teaching strategies, observations, daily routines, transitions, classroom arrangements, and curriculum structure that enhance each child’s development. We inform parents on their child’s progress on a monthly basis. Educators facilitate learning as children actively participate, using developmentally appropriate materials in the classrooms and outdoors through both teacher-directed activities and/or child-initiated activities utilizing a variety of methods and materials, with a focus on building each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

All of us at Busy Bee’s are committed to providing a safe, positive, educational and developmental program for children.